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Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain Development Services

Embedding your business with Blockchain technology can speed up your sales growth and guarantee high security. Now, biz needs have daily cost-effective solutions for distributed applications and transactions.

As the word suggests it blockchain refers to a chain of blocks. Valuable data is stored in this distributed ledger that reduces risks in any transaction, allows users to choose who can have access to their information, and keeps track of data. What is more, it also records any change in real time, avoiding tampering and leakage of information.

Areas to implement Blockchain

  • KYC verification
  • Trade finance
  • Mortgage industry or land registry
  • Loan management
  • Energy market
  • Media
  • Travel
  • Supply chain
  • Healthcare: patient data management or drug traceability
  • Voting
  • Tax processing

We specialize in Smart Contract Development, Assets Tracking, Decentralized Applications Development, Hyperledger Development, Ethereum Smart Contract Development, and Private and Permissioned Blockchain Implementation.


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Blockchain Team for Cryptocurrency Creation

Darwoft formed a multidisciplinary team, including architect, developers and QA testers, to start the project from scratch. The proposal was presented to Angel Investors and in different contests.